The best boat rental experience in the Gulf of Orosei, with or without skipper.


If you rent one of our dinghies you will have the great opportunity to explore the inlets and the beaches of the Gulf of Orosei, experience the emotions and the amazement of discovering breath-taking and wild landscape where we have grown up and that have fascinated us so much that we have made our work our passion. 

Cala Gonone, "Precious Place", seems to be the meaning. Gonone Rental represents the continuity of the history of this small village, known and  made famous by the presence of the monk seal until the early years '80. Giorgio, our "Elder" of the company, was born and raised here... In ' 71, Rai aired a program "Giorgio del Mare" on La Tv Dei Ragazzi to tell his particular and unusual friendship with the seals. « My childhood was a dream, it seemed to me to live iike in a zoo: The animals of the Sardinian fauna, the birds of the season and the Peregrine falcon that nestled along the coast. Even today it is easy to see dolphins approaching the  boats without fear, and the whales that make the "pit-stop" in the spring months. »

We think we have stimulated your imagination and curiosity by telling you the emotions experienced firsthand... So... what are you waiting for? We can reveal much more about these beautiful animals and show you the most hidden and suggestive corners of our coastline.

It's an opportunity NOT to be missed... WE ARE HERE FOR YOU

Rubber dinghies boat rental

New - comfortable – safe
Boat rental Cala Gonone

Looking for a boat rental in Cala Gonone? Gonone Rental has been working for years in the rental boat sector in the Gulf of Orosei with departures from the marina of the hamlet of Dorgali.

Excursions Cala Gonone

daily trips with a skipper
Excursions Cala Gonone

Looking for a boat trip from Cala Gonone and a day of fun? Our skipper, Bonny, is a real sea dog and is ready help you discover the most hidden corners of the Gulf of Orosei.

Our fleet

Dinghies measuring up to 6 mt with 40 HP engines – sunshade awning - cushions.

The Gonone Rental fleet in Cala Gonone, has 10 rubber dinghies. All our boats are top of the line as far as ,seaworthiness, comfort and eco-sustainability. With a 40 hp engine, no-driver’s permit required, they ensure a smooth trip while exploring the Gulf of Orosei.

Boat rental Cala Gonone - the fleet
The beauty of renting an inflatable boat in Cala Gonone

Freedom... nature... relaxation... fun...
The words are not enough to describe the experience of renting a dinghy in Cala Gonone. The possibilities to explore the Gulf of Orosei are many once you have arrived at the marina of Cala Gonone.  The rubber dinghy is undoubtedly the best way to discover it. Fast and safe, it allows a close navigation to the coast with the stopovers at the beaches and at the most amazing colorful waters you have ever seen. The Sea of Sardinia, what you have always dreamed about and seen in photography is here and you can reach it by simply renting a dinghy in Cala Gonone, with or without skipper.

Beaches of the Gulf of Orosei

Beaches of the
Gulf of Orosei.


They cause vacation addiction

Beaches of the Gulf of Orosei - Cala gonone
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